playstation 2 freezes up
  • my ps2 starts up and plays but after a few minutes the game will freeze up and a box saying loading comes up but the only way to fix this is reset the game. The funny thing is that I tried it at two other peoples house and it works fine. It wont work on my big screen or my 13 inch.
    Any suggestions?
  • You took the system itself to other places and it worked or just the game?

    The game system may be freezing up because of where you have it located- it needs proper air flow to keep cooled down and avoid these freeze ups. Where do you currently have it?
  • I have a question i doin't know if i'm in the good section of the form...its about my ps2 whon't startup ....the disk is running 4 a sec. or 10 but the tv stays blank....the controler gets power (the led lichts up when i puse the button).....whate can it be
  • Memac, you may want to doublecheck your connection to the tv just to be sure you don't have a cable a bit loose. Also, where do you have your PS2 located? If it is in an enclosed area like an entertainment unit it may be overheating due to not enough air.
  • I have checked the wires with a second ps2 from a friend and that one works with the same kables ......the ps2 is lying next to the tv on the tv table, so i don't think the problem is the overheating.....

    Normally the game/dvd starts up with or without the kabel, but he stops running after a sec or 5 to 10 ...... i think is more a intern software problem in the start up sequens of the ps2. is that possible
  • It is possible your DVD drive in there is just done- it's a hardware problem, not software. How old is the system? You may want to give Sony a call to ask about repairs/ replacement.