UMD drive is being screwy
  • Hey guys,

    I need some serious help with my PSP. I've had it since June of 2005, and I love this baby. Yesterday, I was playing a game, but I had to go, so like always, I paused the game, then switched it off to continue play later. Last night, I switched the power back on, and then it started acting very [I]very[I] weird. The system completely shut off, and then started to turn on again, but it didn't. It repeated this process while I stared dumbly for a minute, then I took the battery and game out. I waited a minute, then put them both in again. Lo and behold...! It did it again. I also found out that my system will completely shut off when I turn it off (not supposed to happen), I can get my games to work when I hold the umd slot open about a centimeter, but if I close it, the whole nasty process will repeat again. PLEEEEEEEEZE HELP ME HERE!!!!!!!!!!


    Drew :P
  • Hold it open a centimeter?? That's just a bit below being fully open, the disc shouldn't even spin that far away.

    Part of it may be the battery needing replacing or a full recharge. I'm thinking you may need to contact Sony on this one if that doesn't help things. Something is seriously messed up in the UMD drive.

    Sorry i can't be of more help but this is the first time I have heard of this sort of thing happening.
  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    I put a new battery in yesterday that's from datel. It's run by 3 AAA's. Well, after reading your post, I put in the old one, and the old girl runs like normal again! Thanks so much. This saves so much time and money for repairing it, lol.
  • here's a bit of a lesson then- don't trust the third-party stuff for Sony systems. More often than not it isn't worth the plastic and silicon it's made with.