1080i problem
  • i live in asia and i own a ps3 but it will not display on my tv at 1080i 50hz

    my tv model is samsung sp43t8 and is hd ready

    480p works fine but i was under the impression the ps3 had a lot of options to choose from in the video setup up menu but it does not......

    my tv can do 480p 60hz, 576p 50hz and 1080i 50hz

    so this kind of blows because me ps3 does not have a 50hz option for hd

    sony did consider that most of asia uses the pal system did they not

    so why did they not include 50hz compatability??????????????????????
  • I would think Sony would know to take television regions into consideration.

    Thing is, is the PS3 you bought for another region- made for Japan, let's say? If so that would explain part of why it doesn't include the 50 hz settings. Your tv sounds like it is not well suited for the PS3 due to the resolutions you give- the majority of games will play in 720p. You'll find all games going to 480p on that.
  • the ps3 is region 3 model from hongkong

    it plays all japanese games and us games and is configured to use the pal system for its power source

    will there be a future update from the firm ware for this problem?????????????
  • Here's what i want to know, however- has the PS3 been officially released in your region or did you import this? If imported this is a bit of what Sony was trying to avoid- people getting systems that may not work fully in that region.

    The main thing seems to be your tv is likely an older model and not capable of handling the resolutions being used in games these days. For now you will have to settle for the downscaling to 480p or consider shopping for a new tv.

    Word is there will be a big update coming when the system launches in Europe and the UK in March- whether this issue will be one of the fixes is unknown and likely won't be said until it is closer to release.