PS2 [slim line] wont work with Steering Wheels ?
  • Anyone ever heard of this problem?

    I have two DreamGear mini steering wheels for the PS2 and I cant get them to work.

    The model is: DreamPRIX Turbo Racing Wheel. They are compatible with PS2/XBox/GameCube/PSone and PlayStation with multiple connection cables.

    I thought I had a couple of faulty ones to start so I returned them to where I purchased them from however two new ones dont work either.

    When they are going through the boot process I get no red light which to me says something is wrong.

    Any ideas ?

    Product support was not very helpful and took ages for them to respond.


  • Never heard of that brand before, actually. Doesn't sound like they are that great of a brand either. I would say take those back and try another model.

    The only steering wheel that is licensed to work with the PS2 is made by Logitech. You might want to check it out.
  • Yeah.... I'm finding that out the hard way.

    Here is the product link..... I actually bought them in Futureshop.

    dreamGEAR, LLC

    The annoying thing is that when I first got one it worked for a while then didnt..... Gurrr... its supposed to be universal.