PS3 error code 80029564
  • get after downloading demo's and games off the Sony PS site, referrers to an install error and gives code 80029564 ,i have installed firmware 1.32...thanks all
  • umm ... where do i start ok
    wen i tried to download a demo this error pops up "80029564" i dont no wat to do can someone plz help me:D really need it thanks msg asap
  • That error usually means the server was not able to complete the request due to being too busy. All I can suggest is to try it again later.
  • i kept trying it with mw2 and assasins creed 2 but after a month it still dont work plz help asap.

    error code (80029564)
  • I disabled the SPI firewall in my router (Netgear w614v6) and all error code 80029564 is gone.