• I Sent My Kids Ps2 In For Repairs And Now It Will Not Play The Blue Discs.
    I Didn't Reliise It There Was A Problem Till The Warranty For The Repair Was Over.
    I Thought I Was Getting Bad Discs.
    Sometimes They Play But More Often They Will Not Load.
    Is There Something I Can Do Or Adjust.
  • There is if you are very sure of what you are doing inside. The lens for the games on CD (blue discs) is out of alignment. If you take the top off the PS2 you should see a couple of small wheels- these are used to realign the lens. There has been a guide about these floating around the web for some time now.

    Personally, i do not recommend doing things like this unless one is very sure of themselves when it comes to working with electronics. If this is the second repair job on it you may want to call Sony again and let them know their 'fixing" didn't quite cut it. Then maybe they won't charge for the next repair job.