Timesplitters help
  • This may seem like a completely stupid question, but to my understanding Timesplitters challenge mode can be a 2 player venture. Me, I cannot access 2 player challenge mode....Help!! :cry:
  • Yes you can definately play through the single player levels with 2 people (split-screen). Check though all of the menu screens as it may be hidden away (its a while since I played the game).

    The only other thing might be if you are not using an official PS2 controller for player 2, as some games REQUIRE you to use official pads. Stick your player 2 joypad in the player 1 joypad slot and see if it works.
  • Well, when you first start the game you will see it says 1p 2p 3p 4p. Pick 2p and insert your name and your friends then go to story and it will be 2players :thumbsup:
  • Sorry voodoo. You can play "Story Mode" 2 player deathmatches 1-4 player but the "Challenges" are a 1-player ordeal. I pased all the challenges but the one on the space planet level with the 3 turets you must man. Been a while since I tryed though. Have fun