Downloading PS3 Games
  • While I am fully connected to Playstation Network...I get an error when trying to download some of the demos for Motor Sport, etc on the site. I dare not try to purchase yet until the system can prove that it can at least download a demo.

    I have downloaded the update (thankfully, that got me on the Network, which I could not access before), but not being able to download games defeats the whole purpose.
  • Yes, they do need to improve on their hit capacity. Still, we have to keep in mind this is somewhat of a new thing for them and just like Microsoft did with the early days of XBox Live, need time to work out the various kinks that inevitably show up.

    I've only had error problems once, soon after the Gran Turismo HD demo went up. Other than that it has been clear sailing.

    Out of curiosity, are you using a wireless connection or ethernet? Various postings I am seeing elsewhere suggest the wifi card in the PS3 may not be the best in quality and might be one of the causes.