• can i use my usa ps3 on playstation network in the uk it asks for a usa address
  • Here's one of the reasons why Sony was so hard on the importers of systems to sell before the official launch.

    In order to play online on the PS3 for now you will have to set up a fake address based out of one of the countries available in the menu- because the UK doesn't yet have their service set up those in the UK that set themselves up a name are still unable to log in. You probably will not be able to buy any games from the PlayStation Store due to checking the originating address of credit cards to add to the wallet.

    So, i would suggest set yourself up a temporary name for play on there until the March launch. then head over to the site Sony has up for reserving PSN names in the UK and Europe (you'll find the link in the news area) and make your proper name in there. Once the PS3 launches officially you should be able to log in using that one and forget the other name completely.
  • Additionally I was reading yesterday (Im having problems with RFOM) games and systems are region locked to the servers in the country they region originated from.

    So even though UK games will play on your US PS3 any online resources you use youll be connecting up to US address servers. Check out the forum MyResistance.Net - Resistance: Fall of Man Online Community, lots and lots of people miffed about this little gem right now.

    Means that when you go online even with a UK game your US system is going to point you to US Servers so watch your response times lag, it will basically make your online gaming experience a nightmare.

  • Hi. I am looking to buy a US PS3 simply because it will be so much cheaper than in the UK when it is released. The multiplayer issue is interesting but, realistically, will I be spending much more time playing multiplayer games across the internet than I currently do? In other words, will multiplayer be essential on the PS3 or will it be a bit like the PS2 - nice if you can be bothered to set it up for the games that have multiplayer functionality.

    Also, I'm slightly concerned about Blu Ray - do the disks have region-specific encoding so that I will need to buy American Blu Ray disks for it?
  • No, you wouldn't be spending more time online, I think- the majority of games still have a solid single player mode along with the online options.

    As for the discs, PlayStation 3 games are not region locked- they can be played on any PS3 in the world. However, you will still have region coding issues for Blu-Ray movies, DVD movies, PS2 and PSOne games.

    You would also be essentially without any sort of warranty if something happens- the Sony tech help over there are not obligated to help with imported systems.