WGA54AG and PlayStation 3 support
  • Trying to get my 20GB hooked up to my Gaming Adapter (GA)

    Ok I have tried everything I found here: http://forums.linksys.com/linksys/bo...message.id=329

    So far I have set up the GA with

    I also set up my PS3 the same way, manually setting the IP and when I do a test my Obtain IP address Suceeds! but the Internet Connection fails. I try to type to check out the GA settings but I can't even see it. Can anyone help? I have a DSL modem, to a Router, to my GA, to the PS3. I have disabled WEP and I have the correct SSID set for my GA. I'm LOST!
  • Unfortunately your link isn't working so i can't see what the suggestions were there.

    You may want to try setting a different IP- maybe the one you have is out of range. I haven't dealt with these thing myself (I'm happy with the ethernet cable) so it is just a guess on my part.

    Quick thought- did you have this working on a PlayStation 2? If so you could just use the same numbers as there.