• I bought cheap hdmi cables, hooked them up, went to display settings to set up but ps3 wont recognize them. bought expensive monster game cables made for ps3 and same problem exists. Screen will turn black for 20 sec and go back to 'choose cable screen'. I also checked tv settings and they seem fine. Is is a ps3 console problem?
  • What sort of cables did you originally use to hook up? It shouldn't matter the supposed value of the HDMI, there isn't much difference between the cheap and Monster.

    Did you use cables other than HDMI at first, like the composite cables that they include? If that is the case the PS3 still thinks that is the output. Hook those up again then go into the Settings menu and select HDMI as the output. Then power down and switch over to the cheap HDMI cable and power up again- you should get a picture with them now.
  • im havin the hellosame problem so are you saying i should take the av cable out and put the hdmi cable in when i choose hdmi cable settings when the screen goes off
  • If you are switching from using a cable that plugs into the multi-out (such as the composite cable or component cables) to HDMI what to do is leave the cables in for the moment and then connect the HDMI. Once that is done go into your video settings on the PS3 and switch that to say HDMI. Once you do this and the screen goes black change the TV to the right input and you should see what you are doing again. Once this is done you can pull the a/v cable for good.
  • IM having the same problem when I turn to the input i cant see the screen just crazy colors.