• I have a Slim PS2, 16 mb Sony memory card. I bought Okami, and while saving for the first time it said my memory card is corrupted so i browse my MC and delete the file(which was Okami). Try the game again(after the long intro) then again it happens, it corrupted my MC. i browse it again and it appears NO DATA FOUND, at the upper left 0KB FREE. i press CIRCLE then select my memory card again saw all my files then it exit on its own. i try it again, again and again. i have the same result. i tried other games, and they could not detect/save/load in my MC. Whats wrong? help! thanks!
  • The problem is that memory card. I know it isn't an actual Sony brand because they never made them that size, only 8 MB. I'm guessing yours is made by MadCatz or Intec. None of those were licensed by Sony so quality is a big question mark.

    Go buy an actual Sony 8 MB memory card- they may be a few bucks more but they are much more reliable.