Extermination- the blue guy
  • Witch blue guy are you talking about? :cool:
  • Ohh! That one. Well I really dont know. I have tried ton's of time and I cant beat it. I can hurt it a little but I just dont know haow. Ok here is what I do. I turn right and climb that latter and get all the way back to were the guy cant hit me. Then I shoot the little bugs as they come up and then after I have got pretty much all of them I walk a little ways to the edge and shoot him then run back. Also shooting a greande helps but waint a few seconds before you shoot him beacuse he goes invincible for a few seconds after he is shot with a bomb or somthing that hurts him alot. Also try using you flamethrower on the ledg. It mite go through but I am not shore. Well GOOD LUCK!!!! Let me know how it turns out. :cool:
  • Wow, that has been my exact m.o. so far, we think alike.
  • Well I never found a 24 battery cell either. I found 2 parts but never the 3rd. I also always run out of medicine when I get to him. To save a little try this. When you first walk out the door to fight his first form run as fast as you can to the latter on the left of the hummer. Climb it and slide down the rope and grabe the gun. Then shoot him like crazzy. But do not let him jump over. This will not let him drope any bugs for the first round and all you have to do is sit there for a second and shoot him untill he dies. He will not even be able to shoot those red missiles at you if you shoot him as soon as he jumps out of the water. Also when he goes to his second form run to the gun agin and shoot him from up there. Try running on the left of him when he charges. This useally hurts me but I only get hurt a little. Then shoot him till he goes stunned for a second, then pull out your greande and shoot him then return to the gun.
  • Quote (XR8TD @ May 16 2002,21:06)
    Wow, that has been my exact m.o. so far, we think alike.
  • Alright, i beat it, the 24 battery pack is in the water filtration plant but to get there you have to go outside and climb down the boiler room hatch. Open the secure door and inside is missle launcher part 2 and the 24 battery pack. Goto max security and open the 24 pack door, inside is missle launcher part 3. Save the missle launcher until the blue guy comes out, climb up the crate then to the upper deck heal yourself in the corner by the railing. shoot 1 missle at the deck in front of the blue guy, this kills the bugs. use all the missles up on the blue guy making sure not to waste them when he is invincible for about 2 seconds after he is hit. this makes fast work of him but you may need to finish him off with the machine gun or grenades if you have any left. [B]
  • I restarted a man and just beat roger so it will take me a little wille before i get there but when i do i will let you know if i can beat him. B)