PS3 will not sign in to network
  • I have a 20Gb PS3 and yesterday for some reason I can't log onto the network. My wireless router shows the PS3 connected to the network with IP, Mac address and etc, but I still can't connect online. I been using the network and playing online for a few weeks and I have not changed any settings I don't understand what the problem could be. I have check my router and the signal is 100%. Is there a problem with the PS3 network in my area Southaven, MS or is the ethernet hardware faulty on my PS3.
  • The problem is most likely on Sony's end- this isn't the first time I've heard of problems getting logged in. All i can suggest for now is try again later.
  • my ps3 is not signing in the playstation network in monday and i am trying later and it dosent work now
  • add me on ps3 ron150 my clan is PKK
  • will do mate what you play ?