• I am new to this and may not be using the correct method.
  • I am guessing you havent worked out that when you get to the room with the control panels in it and big glass windows (upper level) you didnt know that you have to press X on the panel to open a door...heres a full runthrough:

    Ok go forward into a big room, at the end of the room there are two enemies. Two other enemies will shoot at you from above. When you have killed about 9 guy's in this room leave and go to the right. There will be a guy and some health turn right at the health, shoot the guy at the end of the and go down to where the guy was and turn left. Keep going, turn right then go down a slope. As you go down there will be a guy down the hall and one directley to your left. Killthem then keep going to the end of the hallway. Go right then up a ramp and keep going until you see a big ramp witha guy under it. Go up the ramp watching out for the guy thatwill shoot out of the window at you. Kill him then keep going up the ramp and into a room with the disk in it. Getthe disk watch out for the guy outside the window. Kill himthen go over to the control panel and push (X). Then go backtowards the ramp that you came up but go right insted. Then at the end of the little hallway go left watching out forthe guy there, then fall wdown the gap and go through the door directly to your left. There should be some armour in there, then at the end of the hallway turn left and keep going until you find another ramp going up. There should be two guy's under the ramp, kill them then go up the ramp. Once again kill the guy that shoots through the glass. Then at the top of the ramp go right and at the end of that