Help with online connection
  • Ok i have a wireless router but I have been running the ether net cord to my PS2 from the router. For some strange reason my online connections is not working and it says " The connection to EA could not be established. Would you like to try again. I click retry over and over and it dosen't work. I havent been on line in a long time becase of this problem. Can you help me ???
  • Has this been happening with all online games or just that one? Also, which game are you trying to get online with?
  • Some of my games doesn't even make it that far, but the game I am trying to get online with is Madden NFL 07.
  • You might want to try opening certain ports on the router. Have a look in the instruction book, they should say something about which ones to do in there.
  • I tried all the different ports and it still said the same thing.