Now I've Got a Plan
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    Well folks, I've come up with a plan as far as my school dilemma is concerned.Mom told me yesterday that she wants me to completely drop out of BIOLA and head over to a community college and get my AA. Maybe I could transfer to another school once I have my GE all done and can then get a move on from the horrible nightmares I've had about school.So I'm going to apply at Fullerton College and see if I can somehow arrange the scheduling...or something.
  • hey mel! that sounds like a good plan. here's my advocacy of community colleges. first of all they're cheaper. second of all they are easier to maintain a 4.0. you can graduate with honours and switch to a kick ass 4 year. once you enter a 4 year, your community college credits go into escrow, so.... you in a sense start over but in the end it all adds up together and no one really see's the transfer. the sheepskin is what matters. so..... GOOOOOOOOOOOO MEL! *puts on a cheerleader outfit and jumps up and down* :D
  • tanpopo said:
    *puts on a cheerleader outfit and jumps up and down* :D

    er is it free to watch or are you selling tickets? Either way, I'll be first in line ;)
    Oh and Mel, hope everything works out for ya. I didn't understand all the abbrev. but sounds like you've got it all figured out anyway. Good luck :)
  • ha ha! i missed this one somehow! yeah it's free for you :) lol!

    love, tanpopo*xxxxx