ps2 not picking up ps1 memory card
  • well i have had my very own playstation 2 that i dont have to share with anyone, now to cat to the chase, it is a slim i ot it used, had it for about half a year, i decided to pull out ff7 because i watched advent children a coupe time and the gameline was getting a little foggy in my head, i get to the first save point, and i have to ps1 memory cards in one in each slot, neither one show up, i beliave that they are official ps cards, but they may be madcatz, but i have never had this problem?!. :( if someone could reply with an answer to this or if possible you could email me at ([EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]) or you could get ahold of me on aim at (sombulus)
  • If they are from another company such as MadCatz they likely put their name somewhere on the outer casing of the card. If they are indeed a third party card i would do some looking around the stores to find some actual original Sony PlayStation cards (some department stores may still have some kicking around their gaming accessories).
  • they are Madcatz, i beleive gamestop still sells ps1 hardware i'll check there, thanks for the help! :)
  • I went to my local game store and could not find a PS1 memory card, but me and my father go to the flea market every once a while and i found a hole stack of them and now i can play some FF 7, 8, & 9
  • Good to hear- flea markets, yard sales, car boot sales, etc. are good places sometimes to find this sort of thing (and usually at cheap prices). Enjoy!B)