• WHAT DO I DO!?!? UGH.....I can shoot the ice queen for a little while with a slingshot set with wind, but then it says no effect.
  • [b]Ok, this is copy and pasted from another site just to let you know but:

    ALL of the strategies do include a LEVELED UP Ruby. She has the ability to be one of if not the strongest person on your team, so take advantage of her (wait, that doesn't sound right at all, but you know what I mean)! Now is your chance to use the back level of Shipwreck 14... ok, I've bugged you enough on leveling up. Now there are three ways I can think of to beat La Sala, and each players character strengths will vary, so I'll go over all three. Make sure you have plenty of throbbing cherries and cheese just incase! ONE: The method I used was quite simple, once I figured it out. To start, run at
    La Sala (dran's feather I hadn't used, though I imagine it would help a lot) and slash her with Toan. ONCE you slash, run to a side of the cathedral so that you have some distance between you and the queen. Switch to Ruby and blast La Sala with a fire blast. Right when it hits, switch back to Toan and run at her again, attack, then run back to the side and blast her with Ruby again. Once I started using this method,
    she never got a hit in. The ice that came out of the ground kept missing, and she could never get off her heat-seeking attack because I kept attacking her too fast. Hopefully this method can work its wonders for you too. However, if it doesn't, another way I figured would work... TWO: If you have a strong weapon on Xiao and have spent some time
    leveling her up, I assume this will be easier. I don't know how strong La Sala's shield is, but regardless, stay far away from her and use Xiao to shoot down the shield. Then switch to Ruby and use her fire blast to deal some damage, then go back to Xiao and repeat. Just keep moving so the chances of being hit by her random ice attacks will be lessened. If even this doesn't work, then THREE: Take the shield down with Toan, then attack with Ruby. Just keep repeating, but in between that, run! Her attacks follow you, so run like crazy until it diminishes and then attack. I hope it doesn't come to this for you, and I think using my first method with a few tries you should top her. I was doing about 100 damage a hit with Ruby's fire and it took me only 5 hits (my winning battle was like 30 seconds long), so I estimate her HP at about 400-500. Remember, attacking her w/Toan when the shield is down has no effect, and attacking her as Ruby when the shield is up has no effect, so this has to be a team effort. Save before you fight her, and don't be discouraged if she roughs you up a bit. After all, the harder she is, the more fun it will be to see her slump. Good Luck!

    Note: Attribute FIRE to your weapons. In the words of my little brother, "Duh".

    <<<On your boss faq for Dark Cloud you said that you didn't know how strong La Saia The Ice Queen's shield was. Her shield has exactly one hundred hit points before it breaks... Zoe Frank)>>> - There ya go. 100 HP for the shield. Should be no problem with a fire attribute attatched to the weapon!

    <<<I found a rather easy way of beating the ice queen. You can use Toan during the whole battle if you bring along 10 fire gems.
  • Thanks!