• Was wondering if someone could enlighten me on the capabilities of LAN play on the PS3? My friends and i are tired of getting kicked out of the EA servers for Madden and we would like to put 2 tv's back to back and play against each other. We prefer the ps2 version and would like to play it on the ps3. Could someone explain in detail how this could be done. We currently have 2 PS3's and 2 large TV's.

    thank you for your time,
  • I honestly don't know if LAN play would be possible with that game. A quick search of EA's "knowledge base" turned up nothing. The number of LAN-capable console games have dwindled over the years due to not many wanting to make use of it (and one of the reasons Sony dropped the firewire port off the PS2).

    Of course, it may be possible- I am going to ask EA's tech support about it, hopefully they will have some sort of answer. Most likely won't get it until tomorrow, however.
  • Sorry this took as long as it did- the so-called "tech support" over there doesn't do a very good job of reading the questions given. Had to stress about this being about LAN play in a follow-up response and it seems to take them a day to make any sort of attempt to get back.

    As i suspected LAN play isn't possible as it wasn't built into that game. If a game did have the ability for it it would work similarly to how the PS2 did it, connecting the two via ethernet to their ports then one would go first as the "host" and then the other system would join. We probably won't be seeing any sort of LAN play with the PS3 anytime soon.