Playstion 2 and 3 Keyboard mouse Play able
  • Hello I have a question abought playing a shooting game with a keyboard and mouse is it a way you can do this. I have read in some post you can't. I have a adaptor for the playstion 2 for a ps 2 port keyboard and mouse. I ordered a Playstion 3 adaptor do you think this will work. thank you Dean
  • This would only work if the game was programmed to allow it as an option. If you plan on trying this with Resistance you may be out of luck- i don't believe this will work with a keyboard/ mouse combo. I've seen posts elsewhere talking about trying this with USB devices.
  • There is a keyboard and mouse adapter for the playstation 2 console:

    PS2 Max Shooter (Smart Joy Frag) Keyboard and Mouse Adapter

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  • I tried the PS2 Max Shooter with a "PS2 to PS3" adapter and the game Resistance and it doesn't work.
    The PS3 recognizes it but when i start to move my character starts to move and won't stop or starts to shoot and won't stop. It seems like it holds all the buttons down.

    Is there a way to fix that?
  • Unfortunately you have run into what I thought may happen- the controller will not work properly with the adapter you are using. Right now none of the adapters out there will function properly with the PS3- you are going to have to stick with the SixAxis controller with this game.
  • where did you get a ps2 to ps3 adapter. I tried the MS with a ps2 to usb adapter and it doesnt work at all. Keyboard nor the mouse light up
  • There are PlayStation 2 controller- to- USB adapters available at places like Radio Shack. However, they don't work for using the PS2 controller on the PS3.

    You may have better luck with an actual USB keyboard- as for the mouse that control option would have to be programmed into the game to work properly and there wouldn't be any games with that.
  • I tried the ps2-to-ps3 usb adapter that videogamecentral sells. A regular ps2 controller works with it. When I connect the "PS2 max shooter"(aslo purchased from videogamecentral) it recognizes it but does not function right on the game "Resistance".

    Edit: Maybe other games will workwith the two adapters. I've only tested Resistance.
  • I think I found the solution for having the precision of a mouse for the game Resistance.
    SplitFish has a new controller coming out called FragFX for the PS3
  • How well it would work still depends on if mouse control is programmed into the game. Resistance, to my knowledge, does not have it.
  • IGN put the FragFX prototype to the test with Resistance on the PS3. so it works
    IGN: Split Fish PS3 FragFX Controller Hands-On