PSP + PS3 + Playstation Network
  • Ok, not sure if this is in the right place but ive got another wierd issue. I have a PSP, running FW 3.03, it does the remote play great, everything is fine with it. And apart from disk space on the ps3 its happy too..

    Now dont ask me why but I thought for a laugh id get one or two of the psx games available on the playstation network to run on the psp.

    I followed the instructions and as you go through the purchase process there are 2 download links. You connect your PSP to the PS3 and it dumps the files direct to the PSP memory stick.

    Now from reading it sounds like you are supposed to get an eboot.ebp file, a keys.bin and a document.dat file.

    I downloaded both coolboarders and hotshots and didnt get a keys.bin with either, and neither of the games work on my PSP. I can choose them from memory stick they show up fine, they start to load then the bomb out.

    When I check the download basket on the Playstation network I see for say hotshots 2 files I can download, one called License (100Kb) and one data (160mb)

    Anyone got any clue, from what ive read I have to have the keys.bin file but ive searched everywhere for it and I cant find it anywhere.

  • I happened to buy HSG2 as a test run for this also and I never did see a "keys.bin" file. I have a .rif and a .sfo file in the LICENSE folder and 2 files in the SCUS94476 folder in GAME.

    You might want to doublecheck your folders are in the correct places and named properly- one small break in the chain like one misspelled letter is all it takes to confuse the heck out of it.
  • Hey Lyndon, did your hotshots work then without the keys.bin?
  • Yes, it worked fine. As I said, there is no file named "keys.bin". You get the game file itself along with one other that go into the game's subfolder in GAME and two files that go into the LICENSE folder.
  • Ok just to confuse you some more.. :-)

    I decided to start from scratch, formatted the memory stick, reflashed the PSP, connected to the PS3 and downloaded hotshots golf 2 again. Downloaded both pieces the game and the license. When I downloaded the license this time it actually installed to the PSP before it just downloaded.

    Now when I look at the PSP I have an SCUS94476 folder (as before) but this time it has 3 files in it. Keys.bin, document.dat and eboot.pbp...

    and the game works.. now if only I had remember how crap it was and not paid the 7$ or wasted 4 hours of my life trying to fix it. Still I guess when they release some original ridge racers at least I know it works.