Support Information for the PS3
  • In trying to find some information out about the PS3 Hard Drive Ive had to jump through some hoops to get talking to real live sony employees.. some information if you ever need to..

    This is for the US and Canada only as far as I can tell. Read the manual before calling. Its actually quite a good well put together document and answers most questions.

    For Playstation network support:
    Welcome to the world of the stupid auto attendant, if you have a specific question and have already searched online and read the manual dont bother with the autoattendant options, they are simply verbatim passages from the manual..
    Press 1
    Press 0 to be connected to your dumb call centre attendant of choice.

    For Playstation3 hardware support and technical questions:
    Welcome to the even dumber world of the moronic auto attendant, if you have already read the manual dont bother with this it will simply insult your intelligence. (assuming you have any)
    Press 1
    Press 0

    Note: technical questions - basically things like what is the name of the person you are talking to, how to open the box, that sort of stuff. Dont bother with the more involved questions that arent answered in the manual. :-)

    Not saying that you wont get an answer.. it might just be Soon Only Not Yet (sony)

  • I honestly doubt if anyone is willing to divulge the info you have been looking for or will anytime soon. It's the type of thing they would consider "need to know" or would only divulge to trusted media-types (which would be a select few and no,we aren't there yet).
  • consider it my mission in life. :-)