memory cards leads to rogue galaxy
  • I went to gamestop to get a memory card, but they just happened to be fresh out, so i got a DVD remote for my PS2, and down here wene you buy something they ask you if you want to reserve a game. I asked for a list of games possible to reserve, and nothing caught my attention, but then he said if i reserved Rogue Galaxy i would get a demo. The demo is not actually that bad, If anyone know anymore about it would be a plaesure if someone would tell me if the storyline is any good?!
  • I have not heard about that game before. What genre is it?
  • Rogue Galaxy is an RPG made by the same team that made Dark Cloud 2. Your character's name is Jaster Rogue, a teenage orphen on a backwater planet that, thanks to a case of mistaken identity, gets caught up in this big adventure. The combat is in real-time but as you attack you drain a meter- if it runs out you have to let it fill again before you can attack again.

    This game has actually been available in Japan for a bit over a year- Famitsu Magazine gave it a 36 out of 40 (would be 90% by our scoring). Still, they worked on improving it from the original for the launch elsewhere in the world. They've put so much more in they had to use a dual layer DVD instead of the single the Japanese version uses.

    This one looks like a good game for players to go for once they get tired of Final fantasy (as if that would happen :p). It comes out at the end of the month. in North America.
  • I am not tired of Final Fantasy, but playing the demo of Rogue Galaxy, to me it would be an interesting change, i enjoyed playing the game!