Tiger Woods 2007 Special equipment bonus
  • Hello,
    I'm trying to find out how to access the special equipment bonuses (seb)in the "My Skills" section. The seb is located at the bottom of the equipment modifiers section. I have 4 that i can use, but i don't know how to apply them or where to find them so i can apply them to the available spaces.

    thank you,
  • i am trying 2 figure this out as well. i have heard that if u beat 5 pga tour championships that it will increase all points by (+25) whatever that means. i have also heard that u put them on ur "team tour" teammates. i have started a new golfer to try and figure this out for myself. i was thinking if u get a golfer on ur team & they have special equipment like i have heard but yet not seen. maybe it goes on there?????