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    I've sprained my right ankle today in Tennis...so that sucked. I was playing doubles with a music major (whom was actually in quite a few of my classes when I was a music major) and i jumped up to intercept the ball (since i was close to the net) and came down on top of my ankle and twisted it. So I had to sit out for the last half of tennis class and am now using crutches.I'm gimpy!:(I'll no doubt be using crutches tomorrow too, but I'm hoping the swelling will go down once I wake up tomorrow.
  • WOW, listen to the little rebel. Completely ignoring the task and doing something slightly, if not completely, different, lol :laugh:
    As for the crutches, do we have to start calling you Hopalong? ;)
    Just kidding, hope your ankle gets better soon Mel :D