Dynasty Warriors Two
  • Anyone has played the DW2? It is my first game on PS2. I must say that it has stunning graphics and sound. Oh, anyone knows how to unlock zhuge liang in the game?
  • Complete Musou mode with Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, and Guan Yu to unlock Zhuge Liang.

    No other game has been able to give you feeling of being in a real life battle, for that it gets 10/10 in my books. :biggrin:
  • Thanks Morry for the info. It is sad to note that many of the codes only work for japanese version. Currently i have only completed the game with three characters. They are Guan Yu, Xiahou dun and Zhou yu. Do you mind telling me which of the characters have you completed?
  • Morry, how much will you give DW2? I will give it a rating of 87. The good point of this game is that it is a real time action battleand there are allies helping you along the way. The bad point is that after spending an hour on a stage and then you found that you have not found a point to save BUT the next time you play the same stage again, you will be more careful.
  • I'm pretty happy that the codes only work on the japenese version only as I'd be tempted in taking the shortcut to unlocking the generals!
    I've currently completed the game with Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong, Dian Wei, Xu Zhu and Zhou Yu. I would've done more but I got Summoner and I haven't been able to play anything else. Once I've finished Summoner my next goal will be to finish using all the characters in DW2. Let us know when you finish them all.
    I'd reckon I'd give DW2 a rating of 90. Basically because it's like no other game I've played before. What other game has that much carnage on the screen at one time! I know what you mean about playing for an hour and not saving or not being able to find one as it's happened to me a couple of times now, where I'm nearing their General and then all of a sudden my General gets killed. Game Over. Talk about spewin'.
    One thing I would've liked to see was the option to call for re-inforcements instead of having to retreat and what for when you allies are ready to advance.
    All in all I think it's a top game that'll take me months to complete fully.

    Sorry about the delay in response but the blimin' computers playing up again......

  • Wow Morry you are very fast in completing now. I have currently completed two more char and they are, Zhao yun and Sun Shang Xiang. Sun Shang Xiang is a very difficult to use character as you must be fast in her skills. But if you have mastered her, she is going to be one of the best characters in the game.
    I am currently using the characters that i have just unlock, they are Diao Chan, Dong Zhuo, Zhang Jiao and Yuan Shao. They are all very good characters. Oh by the way, have you unlocked Lu Bu? It is too difficult to beat 1000 enermies in the Hu Lao Gate. Have you got any tips that can help me unlock Lu Bu?
  • Looks like I might have to start playing DW2 again, as it looks like you're starting to get ahead of me. As far as unlocking Lu Bu goes, I've killed everyone I can on the Hu Lao Gate level but still can't reach 1000 enemies killed. :confused:
    I was thinking of trying it on a harder skill level as I've been building my characters up on the easy skill level. ( I'm a wimp, I know)
    I'm hoping that there will be more enemies to kill on the hard skill level. I'll give it a go today and let you know if that works.
    By the way what skill levels do you mainly use. (easy, medium or hard)
  • All characters cheat

    at the title screen press, square R1, square R2, square R2, square R1

    for more codes or help e-mail me at Gerblack13 @ aol.com

  • Actually i got all the codes now and i have unlocked all the secret characters. I like LU BU and DIAO CHAN the best.
  • Oh I have a question. Why is it that my horse will always gallop up when encounter with a high rank enermy??
  • Hey, just rented this game, it's great.
  • No, you will not lose any save data. You can just easily overwrite it. It will have the save data of your previous character and your saved character.
    Once you completed a character, new character will emerge so it is good to complete the game with everyone to see all the hidden characters as well as LU BU...the greatest warrior.
    You can unlock him by killing more than a thousand of soldiers in HU LAO gate in the free mode.
  • I am having trouble getting Lu Bu to play as.
  • Darkraider, I have already mailed you the solution but for anyone who ask the same question, you should put the difficulty on hard and try not to kill any gate captains. By not killing the gate captains, the enermy will get a fast rate of reinforcement.
  • The easy way to unlock Lu Bu without putting the game on hard is this. You will need a very powerful character, though, like Dian Wei or Zhou Yun. Run past the troops to the gates and defeat the generals to go through the gates. Keep doing this until you reach Hu Lao Gate. Do it as fast as you can and you should be by yourself with your bodygaurds (it doesn't matter if your bodygaurds are there or not). Now kill the general gaurding Hu Lao Gate. This will open the gates. Now go into the passageway. Inside, the soldiers will just keep coming. Just stay inside and keep killing the soldiers until you kill 1000. The soldiers will come in hoards. I hope this is helpful.