Citing Sources
  • For quite some time now I have been writing papers and have apparently been citing my sources correctly (according to MLA format) and have not receieved points off for it.

    But this whole week I have been nicked at least a whole letter grade for one simple problem with my citations.

    My professor (not an English professor) has nicked points off on my papers for not underlining any book titles when they're being discussed in a paragraph.

    Instead of underlining book titles I've been italicizing them, which is what I thought was most correct. (At least, that's what my English teacher last semester said)

    Does anybody know the answer to this question so I can challenge my professor's views?

    I would challenge him myself, but the only source I have that gives MLA format is my book which is 3 years old and no doubt with MLA things have probably changed.
  • A quick Google of MLA Format found this MLA Citation Examples written by Honolulu Community College Library
    Unofrtunately, it shows names of books underlined and NOT Italicised. Soz Mel :(
    Try the MLA Website. On the FAQ page I found this question Should I use underlining or italics? I would say that best answers your question.
    Hope that helps,