Resistance Fall Of Man - Online??
  • Is anyone else having problems getting online with RFOM. My PS3 works fine, RR7 works online, playstation network works fine, web surfing works fine. When I connect and try to run online in RFOM I get a screen with a rotating star in the middle it sits for a couple of minutes and then just times out and gives the "network connection failed. Disconnecting form network" error.

    Ive never once got it to work. PS3 is in DMZ - doenst work, ps3 behind firewall doesnt work, ps3 direct online via DSL - doesnt work.

    Im at a loss, I can see no reason why this wouldnt work, checking's forum and a few others have this problem.

    Called sony they had me reformat my hard drive quick and full and neither fixed the issue.

    Unit is a Region 1 PS3, game is region1 so its not the hongkong asia server thingy.

    Sony tried to tell me that its the servers, and that too many people are connecting and i wont get on till they add more servers or less people play. But they have no stats and cant confirm that. And ive been trying for 3 days now.

    any one else have this issue? I have emailed insomniac too.
  • They are probably right about it being a server-side issue. Looks like they didn't plan out their network infrastructure very well. Theyll have to start adding more servers and getting more bandwidth for accessing them soon as the number of PS3s out there continues to grow.
  • hi ,just like to say that i am experiencing exactly the same problem with resistance of man cant go online it will not connect to any servers!yet ridge racer fine everything else fine ,mines the hong kong ver,i am in g-britain
  • I think they were doing a bit of maintenance on the servers recently, which would explain not being able to connect. Had a look over at the official site and the servers should be back up now.

    I did find some ports listed that PSN uses so one could try forwarding those on the router. PSN uses TCP: 80, 443, 5223 UDP: 3478, 3479 -Online Gaming uses UDP: 3658.
  • Hi. I was having the exact same problem with trying to play Resistance:FOM online. I could use the internet and download updates on PS3 fine, and everything else seemed to be working, but I couldn't get get into any of the online servers I kept getting network connection failure msg. My PS3 is hooked up through a router that has 4 other computers hooked to it. I tried port forwarding my router which seemed to make a bit of a difference. It changed the PS3 Nat type from a type 3 to a type 2 when I did the network connection test. But I still had the same problem network connection problem. I ended up getting mine to work by closing all applications that took up alot of bandwidth on my other computers; utorrent, msn, limewire, etc. I think if your trying to connect using dial up internet or a very slow cable or dsl hook up you wont beable to connect to the online servers.