I'll Just Call Myself Injury Reserve
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    It seems everytime I get better from one thing something else gets the best of me. I've sprained my ankle, which is now seeming to heal.So no Jay, I'm not hopalong anymore. I ditched the crutches yesterday and did okay in walking so I figure why use them if I'm not desperately needing them.Today I walked without too much hardship.So today my cousin got married and the wedding was all cute. It was cold though. VERY COLD for California..
  • Damn girl, you must be one of the most unlucky people I know, well er sort of know :huh:
    Glad your ankle healed, and hope your food poisoning didn't last too long.

    As for California being cold, I saw on the news this morning that apparently there's snow and everything and er the citrus groves, think it is, have all frozen haven't they?

    Yup our world is well and truly beeped!!!!! :o