• Hello,
    My son has a Guitar hero. The "Wammy Bar" is broken. The bar still works, it just doesn't spring back as it should. I opened the guitar up and one little piece has broken off of the assembly that is connected to the return spring. Is there any way that I can order parts for the Guitar?


    Scott Ward
  • I don't believe Red Octane sells replacement parts but if you are under the game's warranty period you may be able to contact them for a replacement guitar controller.

    They will extend whatever store warranty you have to a total of sixty days from purchase. For example,if the store had a 30 day warranty you would get an extra 30 days from Red Octane. Just fill out this form and you will be contacted by one of their service reps with more details.
  • There is a quick fix, Take an elasticband & loop it over the whammy bar & over the bottom strap nipple, making sure theres some tension for it to work. It's not very stylish, but practical.

    I would see if you still have warranty on it & take it back to the game shop. In the U.K. you usally have 30 days from purchase.