• Ok there is a big problem with my psp when im playin like THp8 or something else my skater all of a sudden will start turning left and when i click the "home button on my PsP Its in Japanese! so i take out the game and restart it and it has a big blue screen that says "Press O to restore default Configuration settings" and i do that but its happend like 14 times plz help ive only had my PSP since Christmas:( ^_^
  • 14 times!!?? Something definitely screwy going on here.:eek:

    Out of curiosity do you know where your PSP was bought for you? I'm wondering if you may have one made for the Japanese market (it would explain the hit the O button bit and the Japanese lettering).

    Also, have you updated the PSP with the newest firmware (version 3.03 I believe). If not you may want to try that. You can do this through the Network Update in the Settings menu (at the top) or download it directly from Sony on the computer and transfer it over. The site to do that is here along with full instructions on how to do it.

    If neither of the above help it's probably time to call Sony and take them up on the one year warranty they have on the system. ontact info is in the instruction book that came with it.
  • well mym mom bought it from the real canadian super store and i do have the latest firmware but is it possible for PSPs to get viruses?:mellow:
  • Ah, another Canuck! :) I'm in Canada as well.

    No, the PSP wouldn't be able to get a virus- for that to happen it would have to be written specifically for it (and quite honestly, the twits that write that type of thing are all targeting Microsoft).

    Sounds like you managed to find a defective unit- you or your mom will have to either exchange it at the Superstore for another or give Sony a call. The number is 1-800-345-7669. In the case of Sony they would send a package to send the PSP to them and then they would send a new system back- would takes maybe 2 weeks tops from start to finish.
  • would it affect anything if my thumbstck has fallen off cuz it did and i cant find it
  • That won't change anything- just one more defect to add to the list to warrant the exchange. ;)
  • Thanx 4 the help ^_^