• Hi all. Hope you can help me out. I played a friend's Guitar Hero 2 over Christmas and I'm addicted and have to have it but I don't have a PS2. Got one free (70011 slim) from another friend but it won't read discs. I opened it up and cleaned optics and dust but no change. When I run it with the top off I can see the laser right through the disc when its spinning so I know its working and the laser is moving too. It goes to the browse screen and spins up but then stops and says unable to read disc. Does it with any kind of disk. It did work one time out of about 50 tries. One thing I did notice is that when it is spinning I can hear a slight tapping noise when the laser comes on and it almost looks like the laser is going up and hitting the disc, no marks on the disc though. Is this tapping normal? Sorry to be long winded. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  • Not a problem- every bit of detail helps. ;)

    That tapping is definitely not normal- the laser lens or the laser itself is just out of alignment enough that it can't read the disc. Using the system as it is now could very well scratch up the discs. This is probably why your friend gave it to you for free (some friend :rolleyes: ).

    It's possible you could realign the lens- there should be two small wheels in there used for this purpose. I don't recommend doing this unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing. If that clears things up you got yourself a very cheap PS2- if it doesn't work out you aren't out any cash at least. If it doesn't work out i would say find yourself a functioning PS2 on the cheap.
  • Thanks. I did see two small allen head bolts on the back side of the laser that looked like they were for alignment. They were next to the voltage adjustments. I may give that a try (carefully). Like you said I'm not out any money if it gets worse!
  • I still think that you can buy just the DVD lens unit. If Sony didn't take Link Sang to court over the PSP & PS3 imports they would have stocked them.

    Try E-bay, it's always a good place to start