• I am playing GTA3
  • Very simple my friend.
  • Ok, firstly, you have to be in the game (not the menu or anything), so your character will move when you press the buttons.
    Tap one button at a time, you don't have to be super-quick.
    When it says to press directions, use the D-pad.

    That's all the help i can give. Good Luck! :thumbsup:
  • Thanks for the help Genestarwind and Killa!
    I will give it a try tomorrow ..... :thumbsup:
  • My thanks to you, Genestarwind and Killa!
    I was able to check out the cheats with your help!
    This is why I like API so much!
    Everyone goes out of there way to help you out :thumbsup:
  • If I do the thing to store more cars in the garage than i'm supposed to does it ruin my saving data fro GTA3?
  • hey killa,My gta3 game dose not have a menu screen all it has is a pause screen.Or is the pause screen the menu screen.I am j/w couse i'v beeten the game many times...