• Uber b actor and a very good man. If all people believed in personal responsibility and accountability as deeply as Roddy Piper, and lived their lives according to those beliefs, this world would be a better place.

    that's cool that you think that and you respect him that way. i was just wondering what his personal beliefs are and what he's done to make you say that? :)
  • What is this thread? I really have no idea what this means. Uh, is it an inside joke or something? I know who Roddy Piper is (Pro-Wrestler/Actor), but tanpopo, who are you even talking to? :huh::confused::eek:
  • lol! sorry! it was meant for jerry. he had said.....well all that stuff i had quoted. and i thought that was cool that he thought that. i was just wondering what in particular he was talking about. :) sorry to be ambiguous. and sorry for the late reply... omg! school is killing me. it physically hurts my head to go anymore. 6 classes just isn't working out. -.-!
  • As for his personal beliefs, you'd have to ask him. What I can say is that his actions in private are very different than the scripted actions of the characters he plays on the big screen and in the ring, and that I came to know him (not the character) briefly some years ago. I was very impressed with him, not only for his intellect, but for being a human whose thoughts and cares about other human beings run deep. He walks the walk. Not a person to be taken lightly.

    As for how I came to know him....I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. :D