Smugglers run help
  • I am trying to pass mission 9 in Smuggler's run 2 and havign a hard time getting to the drop point before the time expires. I tried the ceat codes, which don't seem to work for me , Does anyone have a suggestion? :2silly:
  • try the cheats in this site they should work, the decrease time cheat will give you the fastest driving cause you can avoid any bumps.
    if not the way i do it is this :
    when you start go directly where the arrow points you, you will get to the package thru the bombed vilage, the secret here is to slow down a bit so you can avoid bumping into the ruins.
    after taking the package take a sharp turn right and go directly where the arrow points, this will bring you to the vilage thru a passage in the small stone wall and thru a big ramp thet will launch you over the vilage houses and strait to the drop point, from there it's easier to finish.
    after you droped the last package go to where you can find some trees and lose the cops while they left hanging on those trees. if you unlocked the baja, use it, the best car in the game.