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    OK, so everyone's had their chance to make fun of that movie "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" and the subsequent game, but I was wondering if anyone liked those Drift-Racing phenomena games. I remember this one, Auto Modellista (Pictured Above) that "Looked Cool" and presented a new style of racing game, but ultimately turned out to be annoying as H*ll.

    And now PS3 Owners are given a free demo of Gran Turismo: HD and of course it is all about "Drifting" through the curves. Me personally, I'm tired of it all. Lets just have a racing game that improves the fun factor, and doesn't try to make us "Slide" through turns and perfect how we can squeal our tires.

    It's all very dumb to me, and I miss the straight-forward racing games. Don't you? :p

  • This is why i like Ridge Racer 7 and looking forward to Motorstorm and Fatal Inertia- the whole street racing/drifting bit has been done to death. Time to go back to plain ol' get to the finish line first.
  • Did I here some one dissing The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift?

    Best not as I like that film, only because it has R34 Skylines in and nearly cried when one got wiped'out. As for the game I did reviewed it, but it never made it onto the main web site as it was a truly bad game, even under a Universal release

    Still like my Ridge Racer & Burnout, and don't forget the Wipeout series
  • I agree with the Burnout mention, Chris. Just a pity that EA's other franchise, Need For Speed, is lagging a bit. I remember back on the Playstation when the first Need For Speed games were released, they were brilliant, the best obviously being Hot Pursuit. Able to have proper races with one person the "get away driver" and the other person the "cops", sheer brilliance.
    WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?!?! :mad:
    Although, Most Wanted was a very respect worthy game, but Carbon is too damn short :frown:
  • Well, i dont think games should be all about drifting, Need for speed should come out with a game thats basically just for drifting,as for I like drifting and can actually do it in a car, i sorta like playing the drifting games, but you do get tired of it and i loved the hot pursuit games, if they could come out with another hot pursuit, not most wanted, and have acutaul racing on a circular track/road, and the main objective be to get to point a to point b, or to lose the popos, and the cops cars being equal as you car, as in how much damage it is to take. becuase in carbon or most wanted all they have to o is touch and they can push you were they want.