Fascinating PS "Promo"
  • I read this interesting little article just a moment ago, and I couldn't help but feel that it belongs here: (Credits attatched)

    Killer, nudist bond over PlayStation
    Talk about strange bedfellows -- two Scottish prison
    inmates, Jamie Bain and Stephen Gough, have forged a
    bond over PlayStation games. Bain and Gough are both in
    segregation at Saughton Prison. Bain is serving time for
    the shotgun killing of former boxing champion Alex
    McKinnon while Gough was sentenced for walking naked out
    of prison Nov. 3. The Scotsman reports the pair have
    spent hours talking and playing videogames. "The Naked
    Rambler has been a good friend to Jamie," Bain's mother,
    Kim, told the Scotsman. She added: "Stephen is kept there
    because he won't put on clothes. Jamie thinks it's quite
    funny but they get on well. ... He's a nice man. Jamie
    says he's a very intelligent guy and they talk and play
    on the PlayStation."

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    Now, if that isn't an advertisement for PS, I dunno what is!!!!! :eek:
  • To be honest Susan I think its terrible.
    What they are saying is that a convicted murderer and a social deviant bond over their love of playstation. Now the worrying this is - what made them killers and deviants?
    Could it be over fondness of FPS and being over eager to show everyone else who the daddy is?

    Or maybe its that the only forms of entertainment in this scotish prison are playstation gaming and lifting weights with Big Hamish.... :o