• Is there a better way to defend a pass. I use a cheat with 99's across the board and my CB still sucks. I make my whole team 99's and I still have one of the worst pass defenses?? Play defenses or CB or Safety tips would help. Thx,
  • It all depends. You have to "read" the offensive line to know what defense to use properly. If you use Special Teams defense on yardages greater than 5 yards, the offense will blow you away EVERY time.

    Double-check you game settings, you may have them set in a way that the offense has a advantage over the defense, hence your problem.

    Also, try reversing you defense patterns ("+" button with > or <) to confuse the offensive team. Also check your playbook(s), if you are using a playbook from say the 70's (Tom Landry, John Madden), against a new playbook (Seifert for example), you are inadvertantly playing a VERY handicapped game, and NOT to your favor!