Best Game Packaging?
  • Over the years, game packaging has changed for every new system that's come along. Some manufacturers have improved their cases, others have been lazy.

    What game case styles are your favorites? I'm not just considering Playstation games here, I'm just saying for the entire history of games. Here are my favorites in terms of style and functionality:

    The Sega Saturn Game Cases (CLICK FOR LARGE PIC): image
    (I never even had a Sega Saturn, but I remember seeing the games in the video store and wondering what in the world a "CD" was when they came out, lol. I wish I had played a game or two before the system tanked. They had great looking Jewel Cases, although I hear that they broke rather easily, much like CD Cases do.)

    The new Blu-Ray/PS3 Game Cases (CLICK FOR LARGE PIC):
    (If you don't have a PS3/Blu-Ray player yet, you'll like the new cases when you check them out. Before I got my PS3, I didn't think the cases had changed since last gen. Turns out, they are not as tall as DVD cases, they are just big enough for the CD and an instruction booklet now - the booklet is scaled down smaller. The cases are see-through, it seems, and I really like how they improved the CD-Popper in the middle of the case as well as the better booklet holder, that you don't have to fight with anymore.)

    Maybe I'm obsessed with game packaging, but I just think it's a very important part of the game industry, and anyone who collects games will agree that the packaging should be pretty to look at, and not just something you toss in the trash once you get the game.

    I want to hear what your favorites are...
  • In my opinion the up to date cases for playstation/xbox/ and gamcube, are the most durable, as sega cd used the same cases as sega saturn, i have very many of the and i can only pick out one or two that don't have scratchs cracks, the peice the hold the front on isn't broke off, same thing with the original playstation cases, not very durable, i feel more safe using the newer cases, even wene I take my sega cd games somewere i always take it out off the original case and put it into a playstation 2 case.
  • I liked the original PlayStation games using the CD jewel cases due to their compact size. They are a very fragile case, though.

    The cases used for the PS3 games are, right now, the best. They are a bit more compact than the standard-size DVD cases most are using.