• I need help with Tomba! 2 ...Well i use that cheat :

    Hold L1 + R1 and press Circle, Triangle, Square, X at the opening menu with the "New game" and "Load game" options. A sound will confirm correct code entry. "Level select" and "All weapons" selections will be unlocked in the options screen. Press X on the "Level select" option to access a screen that has all the levels. Select a level and like the magic wings, you will advance there. Enable the "All weapons" option, then press Triangle to get to the journal screen, look at the weapons, and select one. Note: This will also unlock all the hidden weapons. Once this option is disabled, you will have whatever weapons you originally had. The hidden weapons are: Torch Hammer, Glacier Boomerang, Doka pin, and Pig Ball. Note: You can normally find these weapons in the three (excluding the Golden Tower) hidden towers.

    But o well...It aint working...Any help?:mad:
  • If I still had an original PlayStation and that disc I could check that code- alas, it's been over six years since playing that one.

    I did see that code when looking around to see if it was a bogus code but no one says it is so as far as i know it should work.
  • I hear sound...But there is nothing at options...There is no
    Level Select and All Weapons at options...When i type that code... i hear sound... and New game changes to Start game ... and Load Game changes to Options...Well i went to options..but there is no Level select and All weapons...

    Also how i can save game? I cant find out...I played like 3 years ago that game..Yesterday started again...But i cant remember...

    So help me please...
  • I take it you don't have the manual there now to tell you about the saves?

    I really can't remember it myself and there is very little information out there now to be found about the game. I do recall that there are save points in the game.
  • I have searched everywhere in google how to cheat...But no answers...All places say that i should use that what it sayis...I have been only 2 forums..here and second playstation forum... :(