• Hi i brought a ps2 slimline just under a week ago and the night i brought it, it froze fifa 07, so i thought nothing of it, however the next day playing THP8 it froze again. Since then it has been ok but during fifa i have noticed some unusual noises which i dont think i should hear as its supposed to be so quiet. I played THP8 again today and it froze again. Any Suggestions?
  • This was bought new? It shouldn't be doing that if it's a new system.

    Where do you have it located? It's best to have the system sitting in the open on a flat surface like a small table. This allows for proper air flow to avoid overheating.

    I would suggest either take it back where you bought it and exchange for another unit or call Sony's tech support if brand new. There is a 90 day warranty from Sony on new PS2s so they would likely exchange it free of charge for another system. They'll even send the postage-paid box to send it to them.
  • Hey, cheers for the help, i think im just going to take it back because i dont think it should freeze like that. I use it on a shelf so im sure it should be alright but ill take it back to be on the safe side