Tekken Tag Tournament
  • Help!
    I can't unlock Unkown and Mokujin in arcade mode!
    (If it's just the wrong mode that I'm trying to unlock these in, then that's a start at least)
    I have unlocked everyone else, so what I have read every where, I'm being led to believe is incorrect.
    I already have the movies for Angel and Devil but can't choose Mokujin or Unknown. (I actuall have every movie available to me, except Unknown's and Mokujin's, because I can't select them to use!)
  • You have probably already unlocked them but just don't realize it.
  • Thanks Gizmo, I haven't checked yet, but I will take your word for it.
  • MATTD could you give me a runthrough on getting the movies and could you tell me the charecters. Thanks:)
  • Secret video:
    When you are just finishing arcade mode, you will see a video of that player. You must lose the first match without harming the boss. Then you win the next two, killing the boss. Then quickly hold down all buttons and it will show a secret video never been seen before of the person you used to beat it with.

    heard it from my friends, don't know if it works but tell me if it does
  • I know I have resurrected this strand...but can someone tell me ....
    The secret video that Charm is talking about...it this true or just urban legend...???

    Are there any other hidden features in this game that I need to know about??
  • Secret Characters
    Beat the game to unlock each secret character, which are
    opened in this order:

    Bruce Irvin
    Lee Chaolan
    Wang Jinrey
    Roger & Alex
    Kuma & Panda
    Kazuya Mishima
    True Ogre
    Prototype Jack
    Mokujin & Tetsujin
    Devil and Angel