• Is there anyway to talk to people while playing online? I cant find any information about it. Any help is much appreciated!
  • That depends on the game- Ridge Racer 7, for example, has no voice chat at all. Resistance, meanwhile, does have chat in a lobby before games and during play.

    If you have it the USB headset made for the PlayStation 2 will work fine. If you don't want to be messing with being connected to your PS3 with a cable, however, most bluetooth headsets made for cel phones work too- they just need to be "paired" wih the system (done in the Settings menu).
  • In addition to what Lyndon said, when you are not playing a game at all, and are on the main PS3 Crossbar screen, it lists all of your "Buddies", it tells you if they are online or not, it tells you what games they may be playing, and you can send messages to them easily. It's well rounded, so you'll know when your buddies are ready to play or not.
  • Does anyone know what games have chat in them?

    I cant get call of duty to work...