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    For all of those of you who have missed me...I'm back.Salmonella has passed....Messed up ankle has passed...and I'm still alive!!:DI haven't been around much these past three weeks mainly because I've been focusing a lot on school. Hopefully it is going to pay off. I just finished my interterm session and I was actually fairly satisfied with both classes I took. I read 9 books in three weeks which was just plain flat out crazy..but it was just plain awesome! Makes me wanna make sure I have the opportunity to come back to that university once I pull my grades up. I wrote at least 10 essays during interterm too..sheesh! I'm crazy. It'll be worth it though once I get my grades back and they are A's.:D It'll do a miracle for my GPA.
  • At this rate Mel, I'll have finished Final Fantasy XII before you :laugh:
    I've got it pre-ordered for day of release over here. February 23rd, I can hardly wait :D