• I am trying to open up that secret room in pipedreams but having a hard time doing this! I have back flipped and hit the black star shaped sign on the wall and the star disappeared but nothing happened??
  • Once you have hit the sign, head down the low ceiling area and over to the left bowl, it is on the other side of the bowl I think. I haven't done it yet but that is what I have been told.
  • Thanks for the tip Alex!
    I will give it a try tonight.
    If it works for me I will post it..

  • Thanks once again to Alex for the tip on pipedreams!
    I was able tonight to open what I think is the secret room others are talking about!
    I jumped and backflipped onto the black star and it disapeared, I then did a few tricks on my way down to the bowl on the left, I am not sure really how I got in to it but on the other side of the bowl I jumped into a tunnel of some sort. It was something like the water tunnel in aloha icejam but it was ice.... I made the mistake of trying to do a trick and I fell down then I was put out of the tunnel heading down the hill...
  • I was able to do this same kinda thing...ONCE, but I messed something up somewhere along the line.