• HI in this water tower when Ricardo caanot be seen how do you get the levers to move I tried using the left analog stick as well as the right analog stick and nothing seem to work please help

  • The levers can be moved by kicking them a few times. Another way, if your timing is good, is to just step aside as Debilitas charges at you- the force when he hits will activate them and do the job after a couple of tries.
  • You made a mistake I think I need help in the watertower you know after RIcardo says he is Ugo brother he starts to become invincible and I cannot seem to move the lever I have not seen debiltas in this part please help

  • Well, I can't seem to find any information on a game called Haunted Ground- the closest to this is Haunting Ground but does not have characters named Ugo and Ricardo in it (which is where that info is for). Could you recheck the name of the game?
  • Your right is is Haunting ground and there is chracters in the game called Ricardo and ugo I cannot get clear the water tower how do you move the levers if it helps the main Chracters in the Game our Fiona and Hewie a white german Shep

  • You could have just replied in the thread here instead of going back to Customer Service. ;) I've merged that post onto the thread to keep things in one place. :)

    The same advice still applies- kick them to get them to move.
  • well where do you kick the levers I tried that and it does not seem to work and Ricardo always kills me
  • Ok, I think i have the proper spot in the game now. This is just after the cutscene when you find out Riccardo is Ugo's 'brother" and Fiona promptly faints?

    I'm guessing you have the tower sketch, Lorenzo's memo and the keys along with a bronze figurine found in a recess in the wall. You should also have found a machine to change the red godstone into the Philosopher's Earrings, which help you calm down faster.

    When Riccardo starts coming at you in the passage run- have the dog continue attacking. Head up the stairs to the tower entrance. There will be a clock save and recovery point here. keep the dog attacking and run up the ramp- eventually Riccardo will leave you alone for a bit. Go back down to the tower base and kick the pipes (what i was calling levers at first- my fault for misreading). One has a Miniature Bridge- when you get it head back to the tower entrance to the corkscrew ramps. You'll get a surprise visit from Riccardo about halfway up the ramps. Dodge him and have the dog attack, he should go away again after a couple of times. You should be able to get to the top and hit the lever there without any trouble.

    Near the next circular platform, Riccardo will drop a barrel near you. Sic the dog on him again a few times and once again, Riccardo goes away. Take the slightly-concealed path under the obvious ramp, kick this vase for an item, and up that ramp to pull the lever. Go back and take that other ramp upwards now.

    At this point you'll come across a lot of Luminescents- lure them to the side of the ramp a bit then dodge past them and up the ramp. This should take you to the Planetarium where you'll find a clock save.

    I'll leave it to you at this point. Hope this helps.