• Anybody out there no of a good flight simulator game? Have a PS2 and would really like to find something good.
  • The only game for simulating flying would be Sky Oddysey-it's a good game to check out.If you're looking for fighter jet-type flying,closest thing would be Ace Combat 4.
  • Thanks Lyndon,
    They have Sky Oddesey here at Costco for $19.00. It does look like a fun game thought I don't think you can do combat with it. Have you acually played it? Have seen Ace Combat 4 advertised on tv which looks good.
  • [b]Yes I have played it and it is a good flying game.The idea of it is to do these various mission to get through to the next checkpoints before your feul runs out.Some of the stages can be somewhat tricky and the controls are very precise.Like you said,however,there's no combat.There are no actual combat sims such as the Jane's series on the PS2 as of yet so Ace Combat 4 will likely be your best bet for now on being a jet jockey!