• i took an original ps2 bought in chile ntsc uc and tried to get it modified in my home town. the guy says it could not be done and returned it to me. now the console does not play any games even original ones. how to I start finding out what is wrong. Is it the configuration or has some part being removed and exchanged? Help please
  • If the person you took it to started messing around in there to try to mod it he may have broken something in the process. Go back to him and tell him what is happening. I'm thinking he may have inadvertently broke your system.
  • hi again so I have opened up the unit and cannot find anything broken or damaged. One thing I can see is the disc is not spinning. Should the disc start spinning if it is opened up?? this iswhen the power is on and a disc is placed on the machine.
  • No, it's normal for the disc to not spin with the top open. Something may have happened underneath on the motherboard when he tried to mod it. Like i said, your best bet would be to go to him and say "I took this to you and now it doesn't work"- politely, of course. ;)