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    I have been spending the night at my best friend's house the past few nights and it's been fun! I don't think boys could really relate but there's just something great about having a good girl talk with a best friend. It's funny how many things we can talk about even though we've known each other since we were like..four.So anyway, something interesting we were discussing last night was about relationships and how as you grow older you just eventually come to a point in your relationship when you don't particularly worry about the same stuff you once did. To put it in lame man's terms, you grow up from high school drama. So anyway, this came up and we were talking about how her and I used to fret ourselves silly over what seem like absolutely stupid things to fret over now. In example, I used to fret over the boy spending time with a girl whom happened to be a friend of his while I was his girlfriend. I'd go mad with jealousy and start ranting and raving, but then now it's like I just don't have any care for it. Does it make sense?
  • I really understand mel - I really miss my best girl friend as we live 150 miles away since i moved. She is the best!!! Organising my hen night and everything!!

    Cant wait till we move for good and can be closer